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Legislation passed thru Upper House

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Animal rescue and animal advocacy groups who support the ban on greyhound racing – click the pic to see the list of groups

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(the names of vets and vet clinics are now not available to the public due to threats from greyhound racing participants, but their comments can still be viewed)


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vet nurses for greyhounds letter

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why barb supports the ban on greyhound racing


Two thousand people marched on the 24th July for the greyhounds killed in the racing industry
Click photo to watch a video of the Murdered Million March held in Brisbane
It was made by Coast to Coast Animal Friends

Walk use Coast to Coast

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I stand with Baird on the Ban

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Stand with the ban – the cycle of cruelty, injuries and deaths must stop
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mass grave for GATD

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cruelty is part of the game




Punt Rd, Richmond (Melbourne)

Billboard ALQ 2016Highgate Hill, Virginia (Brisbane)


Billboard FOTHVulture St, Woollongabba (Brisbane)

Shut It Down 2

Australia’s greyhound racing industry is rotten to the core. This is an industry that not only costs tax payers millions of dollars — but it’s the animals who pay the ultimate cost, all for the sake of gambling profits.

Relegate  greyhound racing to the history books where it belongs — tell your MP it’s game over for greyhound racing.

Join our Shut It Down campaign – send your MP a photo message.

Quote Stephen Rushton

GATD shut it down end greyhound racing

Shut it down Lacey




Killing Greyhounds For Gambling IS NOT OKAY!

Our current campaign is called Shut it Down and it is to give our politicians the clear message that the this vile, cruel and corrupt industry no longer belongs in a modern, civilised, compassionate society.

Our previous campaign was focusing on supporting Animal Liberation Queensland in their efforts to stop the new track in Logan, Queensland.
UPDATE : On the 22nd March, 2015,  the Qld Racing Minister has  announced that work on construction of a Logan track be halted pending the outcome of an independent review. Read more here.

UPDATE October NSW: The Special Commission of Inquiry into Greyhound Racing in NSW has been extended to March 31st 2016. So far the commission has been scathing about the industry and it has led to this fabulous editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald
Read the editorial here
To read transcripts and kept up to date with the NSW Inquiry read here
Sun Herald editorial Oct 2015 time to end greyhound racing


Queensland Campaigning:
Animal Liberation Queensland launched this billboard at central station in Brisbane.
It will be up for one month to help continue creating awareness. To keep this billboard up longer click here

ALQ billboard 4

This billboard has been funded by Gone are the Dogs supporters and has been up in various place in Brisbane for a total of 6 months during 2014 and 2015.
If you would like to help us fund more advertisements in Qld or around Australia please donate here.
Mary, the greyhound, feature on billboard attended the Gone are the Dogs rally in Sydney in Feb 2014. Sadly Mary has now passed away.

52 GATD billboard

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T his advertisement was played at sporting event to thousands of people during 2014


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