Groups support the ban 2

The following groups put their name to a letter to NSW Members of Parliament supporting the ban on greyhound racing  in NSW (scroll below list to view the letter). We are still collecting more names. If you would like your group's name to be added to the list, please contact us at

Friends of the Hound Inc Greyhound Rescue Sydney Animal Second-chance Inc Wollongong Animal Rescue Network Claws 'n' Paws Rescue Silver Lining Pet Rescue Inc Oscar’s Law Gumtree Greys Happy Paws Haven Sentient, The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics The Mini Kitty Cat Commune Bikers against Animal Cruelty Lawyers for Companion Animals Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds Companions Not Commodities Paws and Recover Dog Rescue Newcastle Hunter Animal Watch GSDs (German Shepherd Dogs) in Need Australia Animal Rights Rescue Group Pets in the Park Busselton Greyhound Awareness Animal Aid Abroad For a Good Claws, Cat Welfare Rocky’s K9 Rescue Helen’s Helping Hounds Nora’s Foster Hounds Need Paws Rescue NSW Working Breed Rehab Greyhound Equality Society Freerangers Farm Dogs Animal Liberation QLD Barnyard Betty’s Rescue Amazing Greys Rescued Greyhounds NSW Central Coast Senior Sighthound Project Animal Defenders Office Animals Australia Grey2K Worldwide Peanuts Funny Farm Animal Liberation NSW Saving Wilma Best Friend Fur Ever Rescue Animal Liberation ACT Beagle Freedom Australia Choose Cruelty-Free Meow Cat Rescue Kiama The Fox Residence Guinea Pig Sanctuary Alaskan Malamute Rehoming Aid Aust Best Friends Animal Rescue Inc Forever Friends Animal Rescue Coast to Coast Animal Friends Barnyard Betty’s Rescue Greyhound Rescue Victoria Animal Liberation South Australia Animal Welfare League Qld Greyhound Protection League of NZ National Desexing Network Four Paws Australia Furry Friends Forever Rescue Monika’s Doggie Rescue NARGA (National Animal Rescue Groups of Australia) Free the Hounds Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services Friends of the Pound Team Dog Tree of Compassion Dachshund Re-homing and Rescue Freedom Hill Sanctuary Saving Fantasia eCommunity (SAFe) No Kill Pet Rescue Boxer Rescue Network Homeless Hounds Animal Rescue Australia Puppy Love Rescue Signal Hill Sanctuary Husky Rescue (WA) Greyhound Adoptions WA SA Greyhound Network The Rabbit Sanctuary Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust Animal Liberation Newcastle ATAAC (Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty) B A D A  - Bikers Against Dog Abuse Gone are the Dogs      
 LETTER 9th August, 2016 Dear Honourable Member of Parliament, The animal rescue groups, adoption organisations and animal welfare advocacy groups named in this letter support the proposed legislation to ban greyhound racing in NSW. For far too long the burden of saving greyhounds has predominantly been left to animal charities, shelters, volunteers and vet nurses.  It is an unfair problem which weighs heavily on these people - an impossible and emotive task at a cost too high for the community to continue to support. Greyhound racing industry participants as a whole do not accept accountability nor responsibility for the long term care, protection and well-being of all the beautiful dogs they deem ‘products’ of this industry. In fact every single time they trial or race dogs they put their lives at risk of death or injury. Those racing owners and trainers who choose not to routinely euthanise their dogs when past their usefulness will place them into the care of groups who volunteer their time, energy and money to save them. Racing owners breed, cage, train and race their dogs to win money and then expect volunteer groups to shoulder the responsibility for the dogs’ future. The reality is that greyhounds are regarded by this industry as a gambling tool – a disposable commodity – which is at odds with the societal view of dogs being one of the world’s most favoured companion animal. Greyhounds Australasia estimate 80-90% of greyhound racing industry participants are hobbyists. Why do we allow animals to suffer and die for someone’s hobby? The truth is that the majority of people involved in the industry are in it to make money. The allure of a win is the driving force behind their behaviour and conduct, and sets their expectations for the dogs. There is a huge disconnect between Greyhounds as products for racing and gambling – and as living, sensitive, beautiful dogs. This separation of reality has immersed Greyhounds into an often cruel and unsympathetic culture where commercial objectives are at the fore, resulting in inadequate care and management, and disregard for their long-term future. The argument that the banning of Greyhound racing will cause the death of countless dogs is not a valid justification for continuing the industry – rather it is an unworthy attempt to produce opposition to the ban and attribute blame and guilt to the government and welfare advocates. Greyhounds have been bred to die – and this cycle of carnage, which has been routinely allowed for decades, must finally be brought to an end. In society our activities change as our values change, and no longer do the majority of Australians support an industry in which there is so much animal suffering and death just so that greyhound owners and gamblers might win money. There is a wealth of animal ethics issues receiving global attention and the killing thousands of dogs for gambling every year is seen as archaic, ruthless and unnecessary.  Animal care and protection are values which the majority of Australians support and therefore legislation based on animal care and protection should achieve bi-partisan political support. Yours Sincerely, Gone are the Dogs for the following animal rescue and animal advocacy groups
WARN Nugget  This is Nugget. He was saved by Wollongong Animal Rescue Network. Photo by Furtographer groups support the ban 3