Greyhound Rally and NSW Inquiry

Gone Are The Dogs was launched in February 2014 to coincide with the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into greyhounds racing. The Gone Are The Dogs Rally was held in Sydney on February 6th to say to  the NSW government   that greyhound racing must stop.

Gone Are The Dogs made this statement in August in response to GRNSW’s Animal Welfare Strategy and preliminary recommendations from the Upper House Inquiry – first report.

Contact your MP If you are from NSW  (or any state and territory for that matter) we encourage you to contact your State MP,  and let them know that breeding and killing greyhounds for gambling is not OKAY. Sending a personal letter is much better than a form letter. But you can send a form letter via The Greens page.

Sign the petition initiated by GREY2K USA Worldwide.

The final report with recommendations  is due out 29th August. The government must respond by 29th September.

Recent media by The Illawarra Mercury.

For further updates on the inquiry please go to our NEWS page.

The Sydney Rally

Gone Are The Dogs rally in Martin Place Sydney Feb 6th 2014

A huge thank you to all those who attended and supported the recent Gone Are The Dogs rally in Sydney, which coincided with the last hearing of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Greyhound Racing in New South Wales.
The rally was a wonderful success (despite being plagued with problems such as building construction work either side of the Martin Place amphitheatre, and faulty PA equipment which wouldn’t have been heard anyway over deafening  jackhammers).
Around 200 people joined together as the voice for Greyhounds in the march past Parliament House to the State Library. Our message ‘Greyhound racing must stop’was seen and heard by hundreds of people in the CBD. Increased public awareness about greyhounds being overbred and killed by the racing industry was achieved with a variety of media coverage on the day and in the days preceding and following the event, along with continued social media exposure.

The wonderful man on the loud-hailer leading the march and uniting our voices was Alex Greenwich, independent member for Sydney. All of the beautiful greyhounds at the rally behaved impeccably and added to the favourable impression for our cause, along with the hundreds of ‘missing’ greyhounds represented by leads with empty collars and tags reflecting the reason for their fate

The crowd heard from our inspiring guest speakers, led by the eloquent Clare Mann, from Communication 31 and Animal Effect. Compelling messages were heard from Jeroen van Kernebeek, Australian Director of GREY2K USA Worldwide, Rosemary Elliott from Sentient – the Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics, Hayley Cotton from Animal Liberation Queensland, Peter Flann from Greyhound Rescue, and Alex Ottaway from Animal Welfare League of New South Wales. Caroline Hoetzer provided an articulate view from a law perspective and Ed Dieppe gave a stirring account of his adoption of greyhound pup, Millie, renowned as Sydney’s first bionic dog.

gone-are-the-dogs-sydney-rally-23  too slowWe hope that those of you that made it to the rally enjoyed being part of a compassionate, unified assembly in opposition to greyhound racing and the negative consequences for the dogs overbred, exploited and killed. The Gone Are The Dogs campaign is supported and strengthened by many major animal welfare, animal protection and rehoming organisations, and also has the support of many businesses, groups and individuals that share enthusiasm, empathy and a strong focus on the ethical treatment of animals in our society. The event is the first in a strengthening movement to help and protect greyhounds.

More photos and videos from the rally

rally people Alex Greenwich MP

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NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Greyhound Racing

The inquiry was initiated by NSW Upper House member John Kaye from The Greens.

“A parliamentary inquiry has been set up to scrutinise allegations of industry mismanagement, inappropriate distribution of TAB funds and widespread mistreatment of dogs in the state’s $50 million-a-year greyhound racing industry.”


Refer to Allegations prompt inquiry into greyhound industry
(Sydney Morning Herald, 28 August, 2013)

The inquiry saw more than 2,000 submissions from the public and 3 public inquiries.
At least 800 of these submissions are available online on the Parliament of New South Wales website.

Notable submissions to read :

  • 94, 24,171,  180 ( Humane Society International), 339 (RSPCA), 362 (Friends of the Hound), 386 (vet  Ted Humphries), 388 (GREY2K USA Worldwide), 389,395, 412, 416 (Amazing Greys), 418, 420 (The Law Society of NSW, Young Lawyers, Animal Law Committee), 500, 530 (Greyhound Freedom),531 (Lawyers for Companions Animals), 530, 536, 539, 553, 559, 596, 589, 612 (Barristers Animal Welfare Panel), 754 (vet student).The comments by the Barristers Animal Welfare Panel reflect our attitude towards greyhound racing:It should be noted at the outset that the Panel does not condone the greyhound racing industry, which results in a significant detriment to the welfare of greyhounds in Australia. This industry is dependant on the exploitation of animals for entertainment and sport, so the Panel would support the abolition of the industry.”~ The Barristers Animal Welfare Panel ~
    excerpt from Submission #612
    The Barristers Animal Welfare Panel is a group of legal practitioners with an interest in animal welfare. There are over 100 barristers on the Panel including 25 Senior and Queen’s Counsel, together with representatives from top law firms and students.


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