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Latest update March 2015
The Logan track is on hold!
On 22 March the Minister for Sport and Racing, Bill Byrne, has directed Racing Queensland to stop work on construction of a new greyhound track at Cronulla Park in Logan.

Gone are the Dogs is a campaign led by a group of greyhound advocates who are the voice for greyhounds in Australia.  For 80 years greyhounds have been overbred, exploited and killed by the racing industry for gambling, for a hobby, for greed. 20,000 greyhounds are bred every year in Australia for racing – with the only possible outcome being an early death for the majority of these dogs. The racing industry cannot exist without breeding and disposing of large numbers of greyhounds and the economic viability of the industry requires that profits be valued above the welfare of the dogs. Our aim is to ensure that greyhound racing becomes socially unacceptable in this country and the final goal of stopping greyhound racing!!

Killing Greyhounds for gambling is NOT okay!

Our current campaign is focused on supporting Animal Liberation Queensland in their efforts to stop the new track in Logan, Queensland. The Newman government has just announced the construction of a $12 million new greyhound racing track at Logan, delivering on the Newman Government’s election promise to rejuvenate the racing industry in Queensland. Racing Minister Steve Dickson said the one turn track development was of pivotal importance to the future of the greyhound industry.” The project will be funded through the Newman Government’s $110 million Racing Industry Capital Development Scheme,” Mr Dickson said. He also announced a $1.2 million annual investment in appearance fees to reward trainers who race greyhounds in Queensland. More information available in the Queensland Government Media Statement: ‘New greyhound racing track at Logan gets green light‘. We do not want a new greyhound track. We do not want our tax-paying dollars funding this. We do not want to see more greyhounds killed due to this new development in Logan.



Racing Minister announces construction of Logan track on hold 22 March: Announcement here

Brisbane Times 22 March 2015 Work stopped on Queensland’s newest greyhound track


LOGAN COUNCIL ASK GOVT TO DUMP TRACK 12th August : Newspaper story

RECENT MEDIA 4th June 2014:   Growing Opposition to Logan Track 

UPDATE 30th May 2014: View Animal Liberation QLD Media Release

Queensland residents – we need your help – URGENTLY!

Please sign petitions and send emails 

Qld Government Petitionspetition lodged

– The petition to the Qld State government has now closed, but you can still download and sign the petition to Logan Council and write letters to The Premier and Minister for Racing.
– On the 3rd June 4 265 signatures opposing a new greyhound track were lodged by Animal Liberation with the Queensland Government. We are waiting for a response from the Minister for Racing.

Logan Council Petition

– You can still sign the  petition to Logan Council to stop the Logan track.
Download  Logan Council local petition and please help by collecting signatures.

– Please send all completed petition sheets to: Hayley Cotton, Animal Liberation QLD, PO Box 463, Annerley, QLD 4103.

Please send emails

Please send short emails or phone urging  the Premier and Racing Minister  to stop the Logan track and that you don’t support any expansion of a dog-killing industry in our state. Also please let them know that you don’t think killing greyhounds for gambling is ok. Animals are not commodities to be killed for gambling.

–  Annastacia Palaszczu – Queensland PremierALQ
Direct contact link here
Phone: (07) 3719 7000 | Fax: (07) 3220 6222

 – William (Bill) Bryne – Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries and Minister for Sport and Racing

Phone: (07) 4927 5299
Fax: (07) 4927 8212


Animal Liberation’s  media release March 2014 can be viewed here;

More Gambling for Logan “The Pokie Capital” under Qld Government Plan

“We call again on the Queensland Government to put a halt to the new track at Cronulla Park and to stop wasting taxpayers’ money. We will be fighting against this proposal every step of the way.”


Further reading – the caged life of a greyhound at a Queensland kennel

This submission was submitted to the NSW parliamentary inquiry into greyhound racing.
It is from someone who worked at a greyhound kennel in Queensland.

I do not believe any financial incentive is possible for reducing euthanasia rates.  Once a dog
has finished winning money or producing puppies, it has no further monetary value to the
owner and is disposed of in the cheapest way possible.

At the facility I worked at, the owner told me himself that “good” dogs, i.e., dogs that had
won their owners a lot of money and were retired, were shot and buried along the front
fenceline.  Dogs that weren’t “good”, i.e., dogs couldn’t run well, had an injury, etc.,
were shot and buried elsewhere, quite likely with the excrement.


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