Greyhound racing ban: Men charged with threatening to kill NSW Deputy Premier Troy Grant

August 17th, 2016   toby weekes 1

Three men have been charged with threatening to kill New South Wales Deputy Premier Troy Grant over the State Government’s decision to ban greyhound racing.

Police arrested the men at the weekend after death threats were made over the phone to Mr Grant’s electoral office in Dubbo in the state’s central west.


August 15, 2016swna bay bones Hunter Valley
The RSPCA has confirmed that at least one of the dogs, found dumped in the Hunter yesterday, suffered an horrific death.
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26th Feb 2015
Jonathan Horn
Sydney Morning HeraldAA SMH Jonathan horn

They tried to blood my greyhound. They probably strung a live possum to a lure and goaded her to tear it asunder. But she didn’t have the prey drive. She ran the wrong way. She was too small, too skittish. If they’d tried to race her, she’d have stopped every 20 metres to piss and seek pats from the punters. She would have been a disaster.

She was fortunate insofar that she fell into the small percentile – let’s be generous and say one in 10 – of greyhounds that are re-homed. If she’d drawn the wrong card, she may have been hammered in the head or drowned. Because greyhounds have a generic blood type and prominent veins, she may have had her blood drained. Most likely, she’d have copped a bullet. “It cost $50 to get rid of them,” one trainer told Fairfax Media. “They took the dogs out the back, shot them in the head and dropped the bodies in a deep pit.”




Gone Are The Dogs – Media Release  20th February, 2015

 …but what will happen the to The Dogs?


The Greyhound racing industry appears to be on its knees after the ABC Four Corners program about the cruel and ruthless live-baiting training captured on film and subsequent fallout of public rage and disgust.

Many people are feeling concern for dogs that have been seized as a result of the live-baiting scandal and the prospect of more industry people surrendering or discarding their dogs. Some people have even started blaming animal activists, that this is their fault…

This is the message from Gone are the Dogs. READ MORE HERE.

This was a crisis for Greyhounds well before the ABC Four Corners program, ignored by industry and government.

Photo from Mamamia story on greyhound racing in 2014

Photo from Mamamia story on greyhound racing in 2014

Monday 16th February – 8:30pm

On Monday night ABC Four Corners will air the ground-breaking investigations conducted by Animal Liberation Queensland and Animals Australia, into the greyhound racing industry.

Watch the Four Corners preview

These investigations have resulted in raids by the RSPCA in 3 states, and so far the suspension of more than 20 racing participants.
Read Natalie O’Brien’s SMH article  for more details.

“The investigations this week come just a year after the industry regulator NSW Greyhound Racing told a parliamentary inquiry it had no evidence that such crimes were occurring in the $144 million a year industry.”

Cameron Dick txt msg 3

February 2015

Ok the Qld election is over, Newman was given the flick, but we still don’t know who will be forming government in Qld, and we don’t know how a new government will impact the construction of the Logan track.

What we do know is that Cameron Dick, the ALP candidate and a former Attorney General of Qld, was elected convincingly in the electorate of Woodridge. Woodridge is of course the electorate where the site of the proposed new greyhound track is located. READ MORE HERE.

GATD news Alex Greenwich picJanuary 2015

October 2014, the NSW Upper House tabled a report with the following recommendation:

That the NSW Government implement a staged reduction in taxation rates on wagering to ensure New South Wales racing is competitive with racing codes in other States (particularly Victoria)”

NSW Greens MP, John Kaye, says the tax breaks will not solve the animal welfare crisis nor will it help small participants who look after their dogs. READ MORE NSW UPDATES HERE.


October 2014

by Larry Hickey

Logan news coverage Logan protest Oct 2014

Congratulations to all the attendees, organisers and supporters of the Anti-Greyhound Racing Demonstration last Saturday at the State Government’s proposed Cronulla Park Venue in Logan. For my wife and I, as devoted objectors to the insidious and heinous greyhound racing industry it was fantastic to see such a broad spectrum of protesters from all walks of life; all united to hopefully overturn this terribly ill-thought-out decision. The government’s decision to utilise public money to develop a racing track in Logan is wholly and solely in the interests of garnering gambling revenue, meanwhile, totally disregarding the cruelty inflicted upon the greyhounds used in the racing industry. Read more HERE.




Join Animal Liberation Queensland, Animal Welfare League of QLD, Friends of the Hound, Gone Are The Dogs and GREY2K USA Worldwide in a day of protest against the proposed greyhound racing track at Logan

When: Saturday 11th October
Time: 10am – 12pm
Where: Cronulla Park
Cnr Kingston & Compton Roads, Slacks Creek

If you have a rescued greyhound, please feel free to bring them along on the day as an ambassador.  

*We’re still collecting petition signatures in opposition to the track. You can download here, collect signatures and then bring your petitions to the event*

For more information, contact

Grey Night Out 2Animal Liberation Queensland held a cocktail evening recently in Brisbane to raise money for their greyhound campaign which has been focusing on stopping a new greyhound track at Logan. What a wonderful, classy evening it was for those who have been working hard to raise awareness about the true nature of the racing industry and to save greyhounds.  Representatives from GREY2K USA Worldwide, Animal Liberation Qld, Gone Are The Dogs, Friends of the Hound, Animal Welfare League Qld and Supervets all vowed to keep working together to end greyhound racing in Australia.
Read more about the evening hereALQ greyt night out

Upper House Inquiry ignores main welfare issues


Statement from Gone Are The Dogs in relation to the NSW Upper House’s preliminary report into greyhound racing and GRNSW’s Animal Welfare Strategy. August 2014

Neither the preliminary report nor GRNSW’s Animal Welfare Strategy address our welfare concerns in any significant way. In fact we think the welfare strategy merely exists to dupe the public into thinking that the industry is doing something when it is really ‘business as usual’ for the dogs. Actually it could be worse for the dogs, as having a longer racing career means they may suffer more injuries and endure more physical hardships before being discarded or being killed.  Read the full statement here.

The Illawarra Mercury ran a number of stories on the issue which included some of these statements. You can read the stories here and here.

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