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Gone Are The Dogs greyhound awareness campaign was initiated by the greyhound advocacy group Greyhound Freedom and the greyhound adoption group Friends of the Hound Inc., with a network of supporters, to help inform the public of the horrid realities of greyhounds racing and to promote greyhounds as pets.

Our first activity was to organise The Gone Are The Dogs Rally in Sydney on February 6th 2014 to coincide with the NSW Parliamentary Greyhound Inquiry into greyhound racing. The rally was attended by nearly 200 people. It was the first of its kind in Australia for greyhounds and it received some great media attention.

Click here for more information about the rally and the NSW Inquiry.

It was decided that we needed to continue this campaign and be a voice for greyhounds all around Australia. Our campaign is now continuing and we are working with Animal Liberation Queensland to stop a new greyhound track being built at Logan. Click here for more information.

What we are trying to achieve is a change in perception about greyhounds in society and to create a cultural change so the average person on the street realises and agrees with the sentiment that:

“Killing Greyhounds for Gambling IS NOT OKAY”

We are working towards the abolition of commercial dog racing in Australia.

We are excited to have the support of many animal advocacy groups and businesses who agree with us that “Greyhound Racing Must Stop”.

Groups like GREY2K USA Worldwide, Animals Australia, The Humane Society International, Animal Liberation, Sentient – the Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics, Animal Welfare League Qld, Animal Welfare League NSW and the Animal Welfare League of Australia have provided tremendous support. Please go to the SUPPORTERS page to see the full list.

Until greyhound racing stops we are urging all state and territory governments to:

  • STOP the over breeding of greyhounds
  • STOP taxpayers’ money funding this industry
  • STOP greyhounds being exported to China
  • STOP hiding deaths and injuries
  • STOP industry self-regulation

If you agree, please sign our pledge here.

ray websiteWe don’t believe greyhounds are more important that other animals, but we do recognise that dogs have a strong and special connection with humans. The attitudes toward animals in our society are changing and thankfully many people no longer view them as simply things to exploit and use to make money. We recognise them as sentient beings with their own emotions, the capacity for pain and their own reasons for living. We align ourselves with groups and businesses that encourage compassion and care towards greyhounds and ALL animals.

The name

The title of Gone Are The Dogs has two meanings:

  1. Thousands of greyhounds born in Australia are literally GONE – killed at vet clinics and often drained of their blood first, killed at universities for dissection or experiments, dumped at pounds, sent to China, shot, and disposed of in many other horrid ways. 90% of the 90, 000 greyhounds born in NSW alone over a 10 year period are unaccounted for. They are GONE.
  2. This is the beginning of the end of commercial greyhound racing in Australia. 

We will keep campaigning until The Dogs, as greyhound racing is colloquially known, is gone!


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Thank you

Thank you to all the individuals, groups and businesses that are supporting this campaign in so many ways.

A special thank you to Avant Cards  who printed 10, 000 of these beautiful postcards.


And a special thank you to David for printing our fabulous leaflets and posters.

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