bill NSW  We still need your help to make sure this legislation passes

The Greyhound racing prohibition bill was passed in the Upper House on Wednesday, 10th August 2016, and the bill is likely to proceed to the Legislative Assembly for debate on either the 23rd or 24th August.


What you can do to helpGATD june 9

1. Contact NSW MPS, particularly those in the lower house and let them know you support the ban. Scroll below to see contacts.
2. Use social media to let others know you support the ban. Share a photo or simply the words –
#BACKTHEBAN – End Greyhound Racing.
Ask ethical businesses and celebrities to do the same.
3. Share our video on social media

4. If you are a vet nurse or vet, please sign the open letters which give their support to the ban. Click on the photos on the home page.
Vets click here
Vet nurses click here

6. If you are involved in animal rescue  or animal advocacy group in NSW, Australia or New Zealand please contact us so we can add your name to the list of groups who support the ban on greyhound racing. The list is growing every day! See the list of groups and the letter sent to MPS.
7. Purchases a Gone are the Dogs sticker or T-shirt.  Our shop link is here. Soon The Dogs will be gone!
8. Adopt, foster or help a group who helps greyhounds. Financial assistance is always welcome, as it donations of collars, coats, treats, beds, and worming supplies.
Every Greyhound website lists the name of greyhound all around Australia ready for adoption.
List of groups who help greyhounds.
Support Annie’s Coats who donates coats to groups for greyhounds.
9. Donate to Gone are the Dogs so we can use resources to help get greyhound racing banned in other states.
Funds are used for grass roots activities ; paying for signs, banners, advertising etc..
10. Support other  grass root greyhound and animal advocacy groups who focus on greyhound racing; Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds, Anti-Greyhound Racing Network NSWBusselton Greyhound Awareness (WA), Companions Not Commodities (VIC), Greyhound Equality Society, Free the Hounds (WA) , Let Greyhounds Run Free (TAS), SA Greyhound Network, ACT Greyhound Support NetworkSaving Wilma, Greyhound Protection League of NZ, and Animal Liberation QLD.


What’s Wrong with Greyhound Racing?3k

~ A quick guide to why greyhound racing must be banned ~

1. Mass overbreeding over the last 12 years, resulting in the deaths of 48,891 – 68,448 greyhounds because they were too slow or unsuitable for racing. The industry term for this is “wastage” – the dogs are regarded as ‘disposable products’ of this gambling industry and are subject to routine killing.

2. Unacceptably large numbers of on-track race injuries and deaths: greyhounds race on an oval track at extremely fast speeds. Collisions, crashes and catastrophic injuries are common, and each race is a recipe for disaster. At least 87 greyhounds have either died on the track or been euthanised for racing injuries since the start of the year in New South Wales alone. That’s around 12 dead greyhounds a month.

3. Poor living conditions with many racing greyhounds living in solitary kennels with inadequate socialisation: this is just bad for the dogs’ welfare all around because dogs are social pack animals. Imagine being locked in a cage for most of the day with no company? This causes the dogs to be stressed, anxious and bored, and some dogs get so traumatised that they require extensive rehabilitation before they can be rehomed. The widespread use of barking muzzles to control their self-soothing behaviours like barking, chewing and licking just adds to the stress of this confinement.

4. DIY vet care is common: greyhound racing is an industry and like any other business, cost-cutting is rampant. Greyhound racing participants will use unqualified people (called “muscle men”) instead of vets; and carry out DIY home remedies like blistering the skin on top of a dog’s broken leg to “fix” a fracture in order to save a few dollars. The end result is dogs living in pain with injuries that are not treated properly.

5. Countless trainers have been charged and suspended for giving their dogs illegal substances such as ice, steroids and cocaine just to name a few. Penalties for drug cheats in greyhound racing have historically been regarded as ‘soft’. Fielding race meets is the primary objective of the industry and suspensions and disqualifications have a negative impact on this.

6. Widespread and systemic “live baiting” training methods. This cruel and barbaric activity, although illegal in Australia since 1979, has been found to be prevalent and ingrained, largely regarded as a “normal practice” for training Greyhounds to chase and win races. It is almost impossible to catch people live baiting, which is why animal advocates needed to go undercover to catch people.

7. Two years ago the greyhound racing industry indicated they would need $154 million to stay economically viable and this does not include the funds required to implement any for the 34 reforms that the industry is pushing for. There is no money available to implement these reforms.

kennel dapto



This figures were complied by the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds and were taken from the report from the Special Commission of Inquiry into Greyhound Racing

GRNSW greyhound facts

trevor khan quote track closures

Contact NSW MPS

1. Thank Premier Mike Baird and Racing Minister Troy Grant and let them know you support the ban.
2. If you live in NSW, email and phone your local MP. Make sure you include your address.
If them have indicated they oppose them ban ask them a few questions: how will they catch and police live baiters as the industry never has before, how will they find homes for all the dogs, how will they stop injuries and deaths on the tracks and how they will fund all this? Remind them that GRNSW had planned to close 19 tracks anyway and even industry lobby groups has proposed that only 2000 greyhounds should be born  –> which reduced the NSW industry by 3/4 as well.
3. Contact all lower house National MPs and let them know you support the ban.
4. If you have time, contact the rest of the MPs.

hunter 2


Mike Baird and Troy Grant


Contact National MPsi don't deserve to die

Chris Gulaptis –;
Katrina Hodgkinson –;
Kevin Humphries –;
Melinda Pavey –;
Michael Johnsen –;
Kevin Anderson,;
John Barilaro –;
Stephen Bromhead –;
Rick Colless –;
Ben Franklin –;
Andrew Fraser –;
Thomas George –;
Trevor Khan –;
Adam Marshall –;
Sarah Mitchell –;
Adrian Piccoli –;
Geoff Provest –;
Bronnie Taylor –;
Paul Toole –;
Leslie Williams –;

Other NSW MPs if you have timecruelty normal

  • Jenny Aitchison –;
    Edmond Attalla –;
    Clayton Barr –;
    Prue Car –;
    Yasmin Catley-;
    Anoulack Chanthivong –;
    Sophie Cotsis –;
    Tim Crankanthorp –;
    Michael Daley –;
    Jihan Dib –;
    Greg Donnelly –;
    Julia Finn –;
    Luke Foley –;
    David Harris –;
    Jodie Harrison –;
    Noreen Hay –;
    Ron Hoenig –;
    Sonia Hornery –;
    Courtney Houssos –;
    Stephen Kamper –;
    Nick Lalich –;
    Paul Lynch –;
    Hugh McDermott –;
    Jodi McKay –;
    David Mehan –;
    Tania Mihailuk –;
    Chris Minns –;
    Daniel Mookhey –;
    Shaoqueet Moselmane –;
    Ryan Park –;
    Peter Primrose –;2011 Oct Sally Canberra Pooch Rescue
    John Robertson –;
    Adam Searle –;
    Walt Secord –;
    Penny Sharpe –;
    Kathy Smith –;
    Mick Veitch –;
    Lynda Voltz –;
    Greg Warren –;
    Kate Washington –;
    Anna Watson –;
    Ernest Wong –;
    Guy Zangari –;
    Paul Green –;
    Fred Nile –;
    John Ajaka –;
    Lou Amato –;
    Greg Alpin –;
    Stuart Ayres –;
    Mike Baird  –;
    Gladys Brejiklian –;
    David Clarke –;
    Kevin Conolly –;
    Andrew Constance –;
    Mark Coure –;
    Adam Crouch –;
    Catherine Cusack –;
    Tanya Davies –;
    Victor Dominello –;
    David Elliott –;
    Lee Evans –;
    Scott Farlow –;
    Melanie Gibbons –;
    Pru Goward –;
    Shelley Hancock  –;
    Brad Hazard –;
    Alister Henskens –;
    Matt Kean –;
    Geoff Lee –;
    Scot MacDonald –;
    Natash MaClaren –;
    Daryl Maguire –; no name
    Shayne Mallard –;
    Bruce Notley-Smith –;
    Chris Patterson –;
    Dominic Perrottet –;
    Eleni Petinos –;
    Anthony Roberts –;
    Jai Rowell –;
    John Sidoti –;
    Jillian Skinner –;
    Mark Speakman –;;
    Rob Stokes –;
    Damien Tudehope –;
    Gabrielle Upton –;
    Gareth Ward –;
    Ray Williams –;
    Glenn Brookes –;
    Greg Piper –;

    There NSW Politicians have been advocating for greyhounds for sometime – you may wish to thank them:
    Alex Greenwich –
    Mark Pearson –
    Mehreen Faruqi  –
    David Shoebridge –

Photos below of Alex Greenwich, Mark Pearson and Mehreen Faruqui

rally people Alex Greenwich MP

Mark Pearson AJP


Mehreen greyhound